6 Productive Things To Do on Your Day Off

Do you spend most of the working week wishing it was the weekend and then when those two precious days roll around, you do absolutely nothing?
Well, you’re not alone. Apparently, 75 per cent of people watch TV throughout the weekend. Because we can’t guarantee good weather in the UK, it’s hard to plan fun, outdoor activities but even if you have the day indoors there are still plenty of productive things to do.

1. Plan For Any Upcoming Events

Something I’m guilty of is despite knowing I’ve got to buy a present for a friend’s birthday, baby shower, or Christmas I always head into town the day before and getting into a total panic when I can’t find anything suitable, wishing I had more time to organise that perfect gift.

Getting organised early is also great if you’re a little low on cash as you can give yourself ample time to not only think of a wonderful, budget-friendly idea but also to spread the cost (especially at Christmas) and allow time to order any hard to find items.

This weekly agenda wall planner from the Old English Co. has 52 pages of neatly presented daily sections to help clearly organise your to-do list. It can easily be hung using some double-sided tape or it can take pride of place on your desk at work.
Old English Co. planner

2. Volunteer

This is another thing that I kept on saying that I would love to do but just never got around to actually doing until one day I just picked up the phone, called Age UK and got signed up to their telephone friend service. I’ve now been talking to my friend for over 2 months and I love it! It takes just 30 minutes out of my Sunday and it not only makes me feel good but I’m pretty sure my telephone friend enjoys it too.

3. Try Some DIY Home Improvements

Do you keep telling yourself that you’ll get round to hanging that picture or fixing the bannister but that day just never seems to come around? A day off is the perfect chance to make some home improvements so put down the remote and pick up a hammer.
Not only will you feel so much happier for actually doing something productive but you’ll also love spending time entertaining friends and family rather than glued to the little box in your living room.
Old English Co. has some really awesome prints which really liven up a plain wall, they come in three different sizes to fit your needs. I love this London map print and the splash of gold makes the whole thing pop!
Old English Co. London map

4. Finish that novel you’ve been meaning to read

You know the one, the one you’ve told everyone you’ve read but really you just skimmed the blurb. Instead of watching Lord of the Rings for the 100th time on ITV2, read the book instead. It’s a little confusing and you might need a notebook to keep track of all the characters but by the time you’ve finished The Hobbit, you’ll be reaching for the next instalment faster than Legolas with a bow and arrow.

5. Take up a hobby

If you’re anything like me, every time someone mentions one of their hobbies, I’m always like “oh I’ve always wanted to try ballet/knitting/gymnastics/piano….” you get my point. Spend your next day off learning a new skill or craft, you never know it might come in handy one day or it could turn into the dream job you’ve always wanted. It’s never too late to learn something new, it just takes a little effort!

6. Try Out a New Recipe

If you’re in a weekend rut, you might also find that you’re in a food rut too. Opting for takeaway or the trusty frozen pizza to make for an easy Saturday night dinner but why not take the opportunity to try out a new recipe, or bake a cake. There are lots of simple yet delicious recipes online from healthy takeaway favourites to extravagant date night classics. These are some of my favourite recipes from the web…
I made the M&S courgette and lime cake, although the cake itself didn’t quite turn out the way I had hoped it looked a lot better presented on this serving board from the Old English Co. Their boards are ideal for serving up some homemade bread, cakes or cheeses (I’d seriously be impressed with homemade cheese!)
M&S courgette cake
country kitchen
Being productive doesn’t mean that you have to spend every minute of your day off burning yourself out. Feel free to take an hour or two watching your favourite Netflix show or having a few extra hours in bed. No one’s judging!
Productivity just helps the mind gently exercise so hopefully getting up on Monday morning doesn’t seem like you’re trying to move the Earth. It can also promote better mental health and help you to relax in the evenings.
If you’re unable to sleep, try doing something a little productive in the evenings helps you find better tranquillity and a work-life balance.
Fresh, crisp bedsheets
How adorable are these Bonne Nuit pillows from the Old English Co.? They’re 100% cotton so you can rest your productive head on these fabulously soft pillows knowing you’ve earned a good night’s sleep.
If you have any other suggestions, please let me know!

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