Why You Should Visit Budapest This Year

Budapest is one of the most beautiful European cities I’ve been to. I know that seems a little specific but hey, I’ve been to a lot of cities in Europe so it’s still a compliment. Still unblemished by ‘lads on tour’ and boozy bridal parties, Budapest offers a beautiful escape from the misery of everyday life and is only a 2 hours 30 minutes flight – which, let’s face it is less than the average daily commute.

February is by far the best time to go, why? It’s not the coldest time of year with temperatures starting to rise to a mild 3 degrees. Okay, so that’s probably not in the pro column but how about 80% cloud cover?… Yeah so I’m not really selling Budapest on its weather but how about cheap flights?

Yes, I thought that would get your attention. January/February is the cheapest time to fly as temperatures and therefore tourism start to pick up from March making it an increasingly popular destination through to November.

February is also a good time to visit Budapest if you’re a foodie because there a ton of local food markets selling mulled wine and local cuisines which are best served in a la fu**ing freezing weather! Plus Budapest is one of the most romantic places due to its medieval architecture, a sparkling river overlooked by the striking Hungarian Parliament Building as well as their infamous spa baths, which have to be done in minus degree weather. It’s all about the atmosphere and Budapest has a cracking atmosphere!

Here are some of my favourite moments from our time in Budapest…

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